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Watch your Scratchers Sales Soar!

Learn 5 Quick Tips that will increase your Scratchers Sales.

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 scratchers game selling tips

Congratulations to all Lucky Retailers!

The List of 2018 Lucky Retailers is now available!

Lottery Retailers qualified as “lucky” by meeting one or more of the criteria below during calendar year 2017. 

* Sold at least one $100,000 or higher winning ticket

* Paid out an average of 400 winning tickets per week

* Paid out an average of $4,000 in winning tickets per week 

Contact your DSR to find out what you can do NOW to help you qualify! 

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keyKeys To Success

Follow this path to maximize sales and profits!




Here are easy things you can do to be successful
at selling Lottery products in your store.


key  Attract Players to Your Store


· Clearly display exterior signs to remind consumers that you are a Lottery Retailer.

· Post promotional signage on doors and windows in view of consumers entering store.

· Jackpots drive traffic! Display jackpot amounts inside your store and also in a window visible from the street. This will attract players and repeat customers.


key  Prominently Display Products  


· Increase your Scratchers® sales by moving your tickets above the counter for maximum visibility and immediately Activate, Display and Sell NEW games the same day you receive them. 25% of sales during the first week's launch of new games are due to those new games! 

· Display draw times and days for every Draw game near the register and designated Lottery play area, and let your customers know the current jackpot amounts and recent winners in your store.


key  Equipment Location, Location, Location!

Co locate equipment

· Co-locate the Self Service Terminal (SST), Instant Ticket Vending Machine (ITVM for Scratchers tickets) and Lottery Playcenter at the front of the store near the entrance, clearly visible with easy access for players.

· Make your players feel welcome by dedicating a place in your store where players can stay and play their Scratchers tickets, fill out their playslips, and check winning numbers.


key Consistent Staff Training


· Ask for the Sale! Retailers who do can increase sales up to 25 to 30% on average.*

· Educate and train your staff on new games, winning numbers and jackpots, draw dates, and current promotions.  

· Remind your players that public schools benefit from every Lottery ticket sold.


 *Based on current data and reports from Internal Lottery studies.

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