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Many people ask us “Where does the money go?” Well, first of all, we should clarify that the California Lottery does not receive General Fund or taxpayer dollars. Everything we have, we raise from Lottery ticket sales. Most importantly, we’re proud to say that 95% of all funds actually go right back into the community in the form of prize payments, retailer commissions and bonuses and, of course, our contributions to education.

Besides offering you entertaining games, the California Lottery’s sole mandate is to raise supplemental funds for all California public schools. Since FY 2000-01, we’ve been lucky. We’ve sent more than $1 billion a year to public education. That means K-12, Community Colleges, CSU and UC campuses and several specialized schools. Don’t misunderstand us, the Lottery’s supplemental funding to schools will not solve education’s budgetary problems. In fact, our contributions amount to less than 1.5% of public education’s overall needs. It’s really modest when you come down to it, but parents, teachers and administrators tell us that every little bit helps.

We’ve visited many schools and we’ve witnessed how they use their Lottery funds to create computer labs, begin essential accelerated reading programs, keep arts and music programs alive and invest in Advanced Placement classes—all to give their students, their scholars, the best chance to succeed. Below, simply type in the name of your school district to discover how much Lottery funds your children receive every year.

Our Contributions to Education

See our most recent quarterly reports below: 

See California Lottery supplemental funding for more than 1,100 school districts and jurisdictions.

*The State Controller’s Office determines how much Lottery funding each county Office of Education or school district is allowed based on the average daily attendance data provided by the State Department of Education and California Community Colleges.

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