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Kerrie Corbridge 

Teacher Stories

Kerrie Corbridge

8th Grade Teacher

Browns Elementary School

Kerrie Corbridge is our 8th grade teacher here at Browns Elementary School who helps in so many ways; it is hard to believe she has time to sleep. Besides being a mother, she insures that all her students feel successful. Her students love and respect her more than I can put into words.

Kerrie also is the president of our Parent Teacher Organization. This is a huge responsibility because that group raises money for all our field trips and assemblies. She also is in charge of the 87 Club that raises money for 7th and 8th grade activities. Mrs. Corbridge is in charge of honoring a student from each class each month to have pizza with the principal. The students truly love this event. Kerrie is also the photographer and editor of the school yearbook. Mrs. Corbridge is responsible for our graduation, which is a big event at Browns School, along with the dances that involve two other schools. I know I am probably missing other things she does around here, but this is all I can remember. She is also cherished by all our parents.

Submitted by: Mike Scully/Superintendent at Browns Elementary School District