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Top Prizes Remaining

Last Updated: 3/21/2019

This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game.  Click the Game Name or See All to view all prizes remaining for that game.  Click Scratchers 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!   After game start, some prizes including top prizes, may have been claimed. 
Ticket Price Game Number Game Name Top Prize Total # of Winners Prizes Claimed Prizes Available
$11301SUPER 8'S$888705713See all »
$11318WILD 9'S$99963585See all »
$11334THE PERFECT GIFT!$50040328See all »
$11339YEAR OF THE PIG$888552926See all »
$11343$WEET CA$H$500462026See all »
$21322ROCKIN' 7'S$17,00030264See all »
$21330AMAZING ACES$20,00027207See all »
$21340IT TAKES 2$20,000431528See all »
$21348MONOPOLY$30,00025322See all »
$21352MONEY BAGS$20,00024024See all »
$31319TRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD$20,00023149See all »
$31323FAST PLAY BINGO$20,000452421See all »
$31327DOMINOES$30,000261115See all »
$20,00020911See all »
$31335WINNER WONDERLAND®$30,000271116See all »
$31344LOTERIA™$30,00040535See all »
$31353ANCIENT RICHES$30,00026026See all »
$51303RED HOT CROSSWORD$75,00021201See all »
$51308MEGA CROSSWORD$75,00027252See all »
$51311ROAD TO RICHES$150,0001165See all »
$5131520X THE CASH$200,00022193See all »
$51320LUCKY LOOT$100,00013121See all »
$51324JOKER'S WILD POKER$75,000221210See all »
$51328$59M PRIZE POOL$150,0001284See all »
$51332TRIPLE 777$77,77721138See all »
$51336SILVER RICHES$250,00014104See all »
$51341CROSSWORD CONNECT$75,0001569See all »
$51345I HEART THE BENS$100,00015411See all »
$51349MONOPOLY$100,00020317See all »
$51354MEGA CROSSWORD$75,00020020See all »
$10131650X THE CASH$1,000,00016115See all »
$101321CA$H WANTED$1,000,000963See all »
$101329MYSTERY CROSSWORD$750,000312110See all »
$101333$50 OR $100!$100255,565219,18036,385See all »
$101337HOLIDAY SPARKLE$1,000,000651See all »
$101346XTREME MULTIPLIER$1,000,00015213See all »
$101350MONOPOLY$1,000,000624See all »
$101355PRECIOUS JEWELS$1,000,000909See all »
$201304$5,000,000 SPECTACULAR$5,000,000431See all »
$201312GRAND CROSSWORD$2,000,0001082See all »
$201317100X THE CASH$5,000,000532See all »
$201325BIG MONEY$5,000,000413See all »
$201338JACKPOT FORTUNE$5,000,000431See all »
$201347INSTANT PRIZE CROSSWORD$2,000,0001019See all »
$201351MONOPOLY$5,000,000514See all »
$301280$10 MILLION DAZZLER$10,000,000541See all »
$301313BONUS PLAY MILLIONS$10,000,000431See all »
$301342CALIFORNIA MILLIONS$10,000,000422See all »