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How does the money get to schools? How is it used?
Meet some of the people benefitting from the supplemental funding provided by the Lottery.

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Imagine the Possibilities

The California Lottery’s mission is to maximize supplemental funding for public education.

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Hello California, and welcome to the world of POSSIBILITIES where anything can happen!

We believe that with a good education, caring teachers, committed administrators, active parents and exceptional students, every public school student can realize their dreams. Add all of the critical supplies needed to learn in a positive, safe environment and the POSSIBILITIES are endless – whether you want to be a scientist, a small business owner, a firefighter or even a teacher – a good education is the gateway to success.

The California Lottery doesn’t take a lot of credit for all the great work going on at our public schools. Our part is relatively minor, but in conversations with parents, teachers and principals, we realize that our annual contributions to education of more than $1 billion are critical to many programs that would otherwise be cut when budget times are tight. To put this into perspective, California’s public education budget is more than $100 billion, so what we contribute is really a drop in the bucket.

Here on our POSSIBILITIES site, you can find out the amount of the latest contributions we send to California public schools every three months! These are what we call enhancement dollars – not replacement dollars. We travel up and down the state to speak with teachers and administrators to find out exactly how they're using their Lottery supplemental funds. We’ve heard them loud and clear! Teachers are investing in Accelerated Reading programs, they’re buying Advanced Placement books, developing computer labs, beefing up their libraries or developing arts programs to expand students’ inquisitive minds.

One school spends some Lottery money in their Home Economics classroom, not to simply teach their kids to cook – but instead to teach them how to cater (calculate customer food quantities) and measure the exact ingredients to the millimeter. It’s math in disguise! Another school invests in something called consumable books. These are books that mirror a text book in which every student can write, take notes, copy how to solve equations, and then take the book home where they can complete their homework with all their notes in one place! Even parents win out since they can study the consumable work book and better help their children with homework.

We’ve found that school administrators and teachers are taking classroom lessons to an entirely new level, and the California Lottery is proud to play a small part in that effort.

Check out our videos on how different schools throughout the state use their Lottery supplemental funding. Here in our education section, you can also read stories about the wonderful work of our students, teachers and schools! Take a peek at our informative Education Brochure to see, among other things, some fantastic examples of Lottery funds at work. And finally, visit our resources page for some great and useful links for students, parents and teachers.

We truly believe that anything is possible with the right tools, an open mind and a strong will, and we hope you do as well. Click to the next page and discover our ever-growing world of … POSSIBILITIES.


Your California Lottery Team