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Top Prizes Remaining

Last Updated: 12/17/2017

This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game.  Click the Game Name or See All to view all prizes remaining for that game.  Click Scratchers 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!   After game start, some prizes including top prizes, may have been claimed. 
Ticket Price Game Number Game Name Top Prize Total # of Winners Prizes Claimed Prizes Available
$11213LUCKY SPOT$1,00060555See all »
$11223I HEART CALIFORNIA$1,00012910623See all »
$112699'S IN A LINE $999965541See all »
$11285MERRY MONEY$500401228See all »
$21244ELECTRIC 7'S$17,00044413See all »
$21258DOUBLE MATCH$20,00035332See all »
$21266SET FOR LIFE$1,200,000541See all »
$21273CA BLACK
$20,000442618See all »
$31248TRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD$20,00023203See all »
$31252LOTERIA$30,00057498See all »
$31254WILD BINGO$20,00040346See all »
$31261TWISTED$30,000392514See all »
$20,00020137See all »
$31277TRIPLING BONUS CROSSWORD$20,00023617See all »
$31281MONEY FOR WORDS$30,000321121See all »
$31286COLD HARD CASH$30,00020614See all »
$51159HIT $500!$50029,29426,5532,741See all »
$51234EXTRA CROSSWORD$75,00024222See all »
$51249HIGH CARD POKER$75,00019190See all »
$51253RUBY RED 7'S$77,77720182See all »
$51255LUCKY FORTUNE$100,00015123See all »
$51259MONEY IN THE BANK$500,00018810See all »
$51262BLACKOUT BINGO$75,0001596See all »
$51264MEGA CROSSWORD$75,000301713See all »
$51267SET FOR LIFE$3,000,000541See all »
$200,00015114See all »
$51274CA BLACK
$250,00022139See all »
$51278DIA DE LOS MUERTOS$100,0001055See all »
$51279LET'S PLAY POKER$75,00015510See all »
$51282BRING ON THE BENS$100,00013211See all »
$51287PURE GOLD$250,00015213See all »
$101242MYSTERY CROSSWORD$750,00053467See all »
$101245MILLION DOLLAR MULTIPLIER$1,000,00020182See all »
$101263INSTANT FAST CASH$100457,117316,358140,759See all »
$101268SET FOR LIFE$6,000,000422See all »
$101275CA BLACK
$1,000,000734See all »
$101283HOLIDAY MAGIC$1,000,000624See all »
$101288EMERALD 10'S$1,000,000523See all »
$201230100X THE MONEY$5,000,000761See all »
$201246LUCKY STREAK$5,000,000431See all »
$201260WINNING MILLIONS$5,000,000202See all »
$201272CROSSWORD DELUXE$2,000,0001349See all »
$201276CA BLACK
$5,000,000514See all »
$201284HIT IT BIG$5,000,000404See all »
$301250CALIFORNIA GOLD$10,000,000642See all »
$301280$10 MILLION DAZZLER$10,000,000505See all »